Do Parents Want eRedbook?

Statistics showing 89% of parents would recommend eRedbook to a friend.


The challenge was to try and understand the extent to which parents would want a solution like eRedbook to help them manage their children's help and in particular:

  • To establish what parents thought of the idea of being able to access their child’s health records online and through an app on their phone.
  • To speak to parents of children in multiple age brackets to understand their responses to this question.


During the early stages of deploying eRedbook in London, some professionals in Acute and Community settings questioned whether parents would want to go digital with their child’s health records. They also questioned whether they would actively choose to do so when the paper remained an option and whether parents own smart phones. We wanted to establish for them and for ourselves what the appetite was for a digital solution. 


Two parent surveys were conducted during 2019 and early 2020 which helped us to answer these key questions. The first was run as an independent study conducted by a team from NHS Digital in Q4 of 2019*, surveying 76 current users of eRedbook. The second was conducted by Sitekit in January 2020**,  asking 60 parents of school aged children what they perceived the benefits of having a digital 0-5 record was to them now their children are older.


Both surveys demonstrated overwhelmingly that parents do like and want eRedbook, and do want to go digital. 

  • 89% of eRedbook users would recommend it to a friend*
  • 100% of parents surveyed said they would lie to receive a digital record of an immunisation given to their child**
  • 78% of parents of school aged children were interested or very interested in having a NHS connected and approved app that helps them manage the health of their children.**
  • 87% of parents said that it would have made filling out school starter paperwork easier if they could look back at their child's immunisation information online.**


  • 96% of people aged 24-35 have smart phones***


  • Parents want to have easy access to their child’s health information. They don’t want to have to contact their GP to get information they have lost when they realise they need it again.
  • Parents live in a highly digital age. They are asking for technology to solve these issues.
  • Parents can see the benefit a digital solution has in this context - and can see it can offer them so much more.

* NHS Digital in Q4 of 2019
** Sitekit in January 2020
*** Source:

  • Summary:

    We needed to know - thankfully our surveys and those carried out by NHS England showed that they really do. In fact, 89% of eRedbook users would recommend it to a friend.

  • Executive Summary:

    Do Parents want eRedbook?

    Our surveys and those carried out by NHS England show that they do - 89% of eRedbook users would recommend it to a friend.