Your baby's digital health record

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Information for Health Professionals

The Redbook

The Redbook, termed the 'PCHR' (Personal Child Health Record) by clinicians, is a record of a child's health, growth and development kept by the child's parent or guardian, with contributions from various health professionals.

The Redbook contains material from the Healthy Child Programme, as well as information designed to promote active engagement with the health of a child from birth to age five.

The Redbook is a 'personal' health record, maintained by the parent or guardian on behalf of the child, and should not be confused with the clinical records kept by GPs, Health Visitors or midwives as part of their consultations with the family.

From Redbook to eRedbook

The eRedbook, or 'ePCHR' (electronic Personal Child Health Record) is this same record, but maintained electronically, so a child's parent or guardian can have the convenience of managing the child's care online. The eRedbook contains the same material as the physical Redbook, but has a range of benefits over the paper version which may encourage parents to engage with this solution:

  • Secure: personal information entered in the eRedbook is stored on a password-protected Microsoft HealthVault account.
  • Accessible: because the eRedbook is an online application, it can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Manageable: the eRedbook prompts parents to remind them of upcoming appointments and allows the review of screening and test results.
  • Easy to use: as the eRedbook is an online application, it is easier to help people find the relevant information.

The aim is for the eRedbook to include rich sources of NHS-approved information on caring for children, and allows parents to share the eRedbook with a health professional should they wish to flag up any areas of concern.