eRedbook is a parent-held personal child health record, beginning at birth that supports children through the healthy child programme:

  • Empowering parents to take control of their child's health
  • Enabling professionals to interact with parents digitally

Supporting new ways of working.

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Maternity Service Transformation with eRedbook
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Prepare parents - Parents receive trusted advice and local information preparing them for discharge from maternity services.

Empower parents - Initiate life-long parental interaction with digital health records. Foster parents’ ongoing engagement with their child’s health.

Transition to paperless service - Take the first steps towards removal of the paper red book and printed postnatal documentation.

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Health visiting

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Empower parents - Engage parents from day one with access to clinically assured guidance when they need it, ability to self-record weights and development firsts, and view records online.

Promote immunisation uptake - eRedbook shows parents what immunisations and health reviews are due within the Healthy Child Programme.

Signpost to local support - Reduce workload by automatically signposting parents to local baby groups, breastfeeding support and self-help information.

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Public Health

eRedbook interface - immunisations and summary


Automated Public Health messaging - Ongoing flow of NHS approved public health messaging direct to the eRedbook depending on the child’s age and conditions - sent automatically and managed nationally

Improvement in immunisation awareness - parents see their child's immunisation data in context, including reminders and clinically assured information that parents can trust

Local broadcast capability - Rapid messaging to all eRedbook users in your area, controlled by you. 


Connected to NHS

The eRedbook is the first personal health record to connect to the NHS National Event Management System allowing parents nationally to receive their child’s important screening and immunisation records.  

Local connections

The eRedbook connectivity team works with trusts to extract health records from local clinical systems, where it is not available through national programmes.

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Get visibility of the record

Parents can share eRedbook records with professionals during phone or video meetings meaning they can see what the parent can see.

Add to the record

Professionals can make a record of the conversation using eRedbook Pro and send it to the child's eRedbook, replacing the notes facility from the paper red book and ensuring the next professional can see what the parent was told.

Support parents remotely


NHS Login makes it easier and quicker for users to securely access digital health and care services.

Using NHS Login with eRedbook is a good choice for pregnant mothers as it means their identity can be verified easily and health records can be sent directly to their eRedbook. The eRedbook is the first application apart from the NHS app to use NHS Login.

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eRedbook is available to commission on a modular basis to support maternity and/or health visiting services ensuring parents stay abreast of the Healthy Child Programme.

eRedbook can be commissioned at regional level, by STPs/ICSs and CCGs, or by individual trusts or local authorities. Pricing modules vary depending on the birth rate of the area in which it is commissioned and the modules commissioned.

Basic commissioning includes connection to the NHS NEMS while local connections are priced on enquiry.


Implementing eRedbook with the basic Healthy Child Programme national data source from NEMS is easy. Unlike large computer system rollouts, most of the preparation work for a successful launch goes into training your staff to promote eRedbook to parents.

We support you through the implementation providing a comprehensive toolkit of information to help you each step of the way.

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eRedbook is the only personal child health record approved by the NHS as compliant with the SCAL process and connected to the National Events Management System that supplies eRedbook with child health data. 

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The DCB 0129 standard provides a set of requirements for clinical risk management by those organisations that are responsible for the development and maintenance of Health IT Systems.

ISO 27001 Accreditation Certificate

ISO 27001 is an information security standard. Sitekit, the creator of eRedbook, is fully accredited to this standard meaning you can rest assured that data is held safe and secure.