Your Digital Redbook

Keep your child's growth charts and health records from the NHS with you wherever you are.

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Need to check if your child's had an immunisation?

Access your child's NHS health records quickly and easily through eRedbook once your child's record is connected to the NHS.

eRedbook stores information about immunisations, health reviews and screening tests securely in the cloud so they are always at hand. 

NHS Records On the Go


Starting during your pregnancy, and right up until your child is five, eRedbook will post age-appropriate guidance that is clinically validated by the NHS to help you keep you and your baby healthy. 

In some areas you'll also get information from local health organisations about local services that are there to support you.

NHS Advice


Use eRedbook’s interactive charts to keep track of your child’s weight and height. Measurements taken by your health visitor will also appear in the eRedbook if it is available from the NHS in your area.

Create a secure photographic record of your child as they reach developmental milestones as a keepsake for yourself.

Boy and Girl Growth Charts in eRedbook

Download the eRedbook app for quick access from your mobile!

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You can choose to share your child’s record with your partner and other carers, enabling you to work together to keep your child healthy.

Records can be shared as read only or read/write, meaning other carers can contribute to the record with your permission.

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What parents say

Helen - Jacob (age 2)

It's easy to use and very intuitive. I love that I can add photos and keep a timeline of all his firsts!

I like that I can zoom in on the graphs that have accurately plotted weight measurements, it’s so much easier than paper.

I’m more likely to have my phone with me than the red book – I can't forget to take it with me because it's always available!

Jai - Vikram (age 18 months)

It’s great that all my child’s records are stored safely in the cloud and I don’t have to worry about looking after a dog-eared copy of the red book.

It’s very fast to check documents and records, always available, convenient and interactive.

I like how easily my wife and I can share information with each other using the app.

Sarah - Freya (age 3) & Chloe (age 1)

I love that it's online and has so much useful information ready to hand.

It's easy to access and use, can't be lost or left at home like the old red book, and it reduces physical waste.

It just needs to be more common across the UK now - I only found out about it by googling - no healthcare professional has ever mentioned it to me, they expect me to use the physical book!