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Parenting is hard work: let us make life easier for you. With eRedbook you can keep track of your child's health, see upcoming appointments and read interesting articles about their development. All from your mobile phone or pc; easily and securely.

Clinically assured guidance

Clinically assured guidance

The eRedbook provides NHS guidance from the beginning of pregnancy until your child is five years old. It's always relevant to the age of your child, so if your child is a newborn you'll see information about caring for newborns. If your child is a toddler you'll see information about caring for toddlers.

Growth and development

Growth and development

The eRedbook contains growth charts allowing you to track your child's weight, length/height and head circumference. You can also track your child’s development and record important milestones and cherished moments.

Health events

Important health events

Keep track of upcoming screenings, health reviews and immunisations, so that you can give your child the best start in life.

Is eRedbook available in my area?

YES, you can register for an eRedbook today for free and start to benefit from the clinically assured guidance, growth charts and notes.

What about getting my child's health records?

From 2018 people living in some regions of the UK have been able to connect their eRedbook to the NHS and receive copies of their child's health review, screening and immunisation records. This connectivity being rolled out across the country in stages:

London Now live
Rest of UK 2021
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