The History of eRedbook

In 2013 we at Sitekit noticed that the paper red book, despite containing important content, often ended up at the bottom of a drawer – or worse, lost, once it was no longer in active use. Stories from GPs and Health Visitors showed that many parents lost their paper red books before their children went to school. Those who didn't had lost them by the time it came to fill out university application forms and they knocked on the door of their GP surgeries for new copies.

That is why we decided to go on a mission to provide every parent in the UK with a more engaging, digital copy of their red book: the eRedbook.

With digital, we can do better. You can see your child’s NHS records, and read important guidance from the NHS and other sources. In time, the eRedbook becomes a virtual keepsake that contains not only health information (such as immunisations and screening results) but also photos, notes and other information about your child.

eRedbook is now available to every parent of a child under 5 in London and we are working with trusts around the country to make it available to their parents too. If you want to be part of the change, contact us for more information.