Accessibility Statement

This Accessibility Statement is for eRedbook only, and does not apply to websites linked to from eRedbook.

We have designed and developed eRedbook to be as accessible and as usable as possible. 

eRedbook conforms to the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidance 2.1. We meet level AA for accessibility.

Supported assistive software

We have developed the eRedbook to work and be compatible with common screen reading tools. This includes:

  • ChromeVox
  • NVDA
  • VoiceOver

eRedbook can also be used with operating system screen magnifiers, such as ZoomText Magnifier.


eRedbook may not work optimally on all browsers. We recommend Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

These recommended browsers all have accessibility plugins that you may wish to use. The links to the plugins can be found here:


To maximise your eRedbook experience you might like to try the up-to-date guide from AbilityNet. The guide provides information to help you set up your computer, browser and keyboard in a way that works best for you. AbilityNet is a charity that helps disabled adults and children to use technology.

Other formats

If you need content from the eRedbook in other formats then please contact your local Health Visiting services.


If you have any feedback on eRedbook and how it can be improved, or made more accessible, please contact us.