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Accessibility Statement

Accessibility Statement

Key accessibility features of this application are described below:

Menu systems

The menu systems of this application are designed to be highly accessible and utilise clean structural code that provides context-sensitive navigation around the website. Each navigation area has a specific purpose and reflects a level of the application's hierarchy.

Prominent contact information.

We have provided prominent contact information on this application in order to make ourselves available to answer any questions.

Steps taken to ensure this application is accessible


In designing this application, we have made accesibility a clear requirement from the outset, and have taken guidance where appropriate on ensuring our design facilitates an accessible application.


This application has been built using an ASP.NET framework, which underpins the information published within this application and as such, built-in accessibility is important.

We have used this framework in a fashion which does not undermine its intrinscially accessible technical foundation; we have used pre-tested and compliant modules within the system wherever possible.


This application has been built using industry-recognised best-practice techniques, and state of the art build methods. Our team has the necessary experience and expertise to build and develop an application that meets high levels of acessibility standards and compliance.

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