How do we work with our users?

eRedbook has been created in collaboration with parents and health professionals. We regularly run face-to-face user feedback sessions with professionals using eRedbook Pro and parents using eRedbook. Users also have the opportunity to submit feedback to our development team at key stages in their child's development, meaning we know how eRedbook is performing for all ages.

As part of an initial pilot, eRedbook has been  tested and approved by NHS Digital.

Clinical safety

eRedbook is ISB0129 compliant. ISB0129 is an information standard created by NHS Digital to help suppliers evidence the clinical safety of their products.

eRedbook has an appointed Clinical Safety Officer who assesses clinical risk within eRedbook, and maintains ISB0129 compliance.

How up-to-date is the health guidance?

Health guidance in eRedbook from is updated every six months. Each article in eRedbook shows the source and the date the content was last reviewed.

Is my data secure?

eRedbook data is stored in a Microsoft Azure Cosmos database. You can read more about the security of Microsoft Azure here. All personal data is secured at rest and in transit, including between the web browser, web server and database, using encryption. 

eRedbook is fully compliant with NHS Digital's Supplier Conformance Assessment List (SCAL) process.

As a developer, Sitekit has officially adopted Microsoft's Secure Development Lifecycle and integrated it into Agile development methods. Sitekit Applications has robust vulnerability management processes and continually patches platforms. Sitekit cooperates with penetration tests independently commissioned by clients. Security processes are undergoing continual improvement, and Sitekit Applications recently commissioned a gap analysis by an independent security auditor. 

Sitekit has maintained NHS Digital's Data Security and Protection Toolkit Level 2 since version 9 (2011/12) through establishing security policies, procedures and records aligned with ISO27001.  ISO27001 is an information security standard. Sitekit, the creator of the eRedbook, is fully accredited to this standard.

How can I get help with eRedbook?

Sitekit has a dedicated support team, you can contact them through the support website.