Case Studies

The eRedbook team have worked in the field of personally held child health records for more than seven years - here are some of the highlights.

  • Delivering Timely Trust to Parent Communications

    Sitekit worked with our NHS client to develop a method of distributing clinically assured health information to a body of parents based on the age of the child and any conditions they may have. The resulting solution allows content to be compiled nationally by Sitekit, or locally by services and distributed to parents - with very little effort. 

  • Do Parents Want eRedbook?

    We needed to know - thankfully our surveys and those carried out by NHS England showed that they really do. In fact, 89% of eRedbook users would recommend it to a friend.

  • eRedbook Supports Immunisation Uptake

    eRedbook supports organisations in increasing immunisation uptake by putting children's immunisation status in parents hands and providing timely reminders helping parents to know what immunisations they need, what they have had and what they will need in the future. Find out how Sitekit worked with NHS England and NHS Digital to deliver the first nationally connected child immunisation record.